She is very good doctor. i am very happy with her. very nice. neck and shoulder pain is getting better. i was recommended by my friend Giti.
-Khosrov A.

Excellent…relieved alot of the pain from back injury and very flexible hours. Improved my range of motion – I’m hoping with time and continued care I can be back to normal.
-Delmy M.

I love Dr. Gloria Lee!
I previously had no experience with acupuncture and was a bit hesitant to try it. After meeting with Dr. Lee she made me feel comfortable by explaining with diagrams and a fancy iPad app.
I felt relief from my body pains after the first session, but it wasn’t until after the 4th session that the full effect of muscle relaxation really kick in. Now I go once a week.
The office is peaceful, clean, and welcoming.
-Jonathan B.